Monday, January 5, 2009

Portraits, simple in style, not so simple in execution

It's not often that I photograph very little children outside of the furry ones that live with me. Last week I made an exception and took a break from the -5 day in Wyoming to photograph the neighbor kids. I used a pretty simple setup for the shots originally intending for them to be black and white portraits. After a little toying around and thinking that perhaps a de-saturated look would be better, I've come back to the original color shots. I didn't make the trip with a lot of lighting equipment, but fortunately my artist mom has a lot of my favorite reflector material. Foam core continues to beat the pants off of my expensive panel reflectors and for a gaggle of kids and parents it feels a lot safer. One big light, 5 pieces of foam board, two clamps that don't clamp anything, masking tape on the clamps and off we go.  The little dude in the middle wanted to be there the least and is probably my favorite photo of the day.