Thursday, October 23, 2008

Animal Portraits

I've decided to take a new path and compete with Art Wolfe...maybe.  I'm convinced that our neighbors have a whole convenience store in their attic. This little guy/girl is always taking something up the drain pipe - whole tortillas, brownies, you know, squirrel food. 

I caught this shot just as I was unloading my photo gear from a location scouting gig. I got a pretty good kick from watching the critter have a meal. I discovered that the squirrel was from NYC when it eventually folded the slice in half, and took it to the roof to eat.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Portrait of Serendipity

Several weeks ago I was shooting an assignment on a sweltering day in a downtown Denver parking lot. As the model changed clothes I huddled in the shadow of my light box to keep from melting and was approached by a great guy who had been watching part of our shoot. He explained that the liked how we were having fun and doing what looked like great shots and asked if I could photograph his daughter. Hall and her friend Jamie came by a few weeks to shot in my Denver studio with the intention of setting them apart from their peers at school. The examples above are two of my favorite photographs from the collection. Both were a joy to work with and we all had a lot of laughs. How'd we do?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Fun Portrait

Last week I did this fun shot for Denver's newest Jazz radio station KKHI-FM. We needed a fast shot in the studio for an article. Chuck was a blast and this is a new favorite example of a 20 minute portrait. We had everything set before he arrived, spent a few minutes shooting, chose the photo on the spot and had it off to the magazine within the hour. Be sure to give them a listen at